Thursday, April 30, 2009

MLB Notes - April 29, 2009

* The Mets spent all that time and money on their bullpen, and the bullpen is what let them down today against the Marlins (JJ Putz in particular). The 9-12 start in Queens has a lot of blue-and-orange-clad people scratching their heads.

* The Cubs are in 5th? How did that happen?

* The Rays really just don't look good. Tonight, Scott Kazmir got pounded by the Minnesota Twins; his ERA is 5.40 so far. Some of the other stats don't look very good for Tampa Bay either: BJ Upton is hitting .158, Carlos Pena is at .244 (despite his 24 RBI), and Dioner Navarro is at .181. Starter Andy Sonnanstine has an ERA of 7.78, reliever Dan Wheeler's ERA is at 8.59 and Grant Balfour is sporting a 7.50. Not good. A few players, such as Evan Longoria, are playing well, but a few players can't carry a whole team.

* Did I mention that the AL Central is a mess? Of course I did. It still is today. 4 teams at about .500, within one half game of each other.

* Everyone, or almost everyone, notices when a team like Boston is hot, but how about the Brewers? Not very long ago they were well under .500 and the next thing you know, they've won 8 out of 10 and are in a 3-way tie for second in the NL Central.

* Pujols already has 26 RBI through 22 games. That would be a pace of 191 RBI in 162 games. The man is a monster, plain and simple. Ask Brad Lidge. Of course, you've gotta get guys on base to be able to knock them in, and the Cardinals are doing a fine job in that department as well.

* 21 games into the season and still zero dingers for David Ortiz. Jonathan Van Every now has more home runs than him. The power numbers for Ortiz are pretty dismal in other categories as well: 8 extra base hits in 85 at-bats, good for an OPS of .630. He's hitting better -- in fact, he's on a 9-game hitting streak -- but who knows if he'll stay much more than a glorified singles and doubles hitter.

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