Sunday, April 19, 2009

Yankees Game 13 Wrap-up

A few days ago, I'd have probably figured the Indians were on their way to taking 3 out of 4. After yesterday, I'd have taken anything positive today. The best way to avenge a terrible loss is to win the next day: after all, the terrible game only counts for one loss, and can easily be negated by a win.

Carl Pavano showed why he is still a Yankee killer, hurting them both in and out of pinstripes (for those needing a history lesson, he gave up 1 run in 9 world series innings against the Yankees and of course only won 9 games in 4 years in the Bronx). He didn't get the win however, which doesn't excuse the fact that the offense was dreadful for much of the game. The Jorge home run call was the correct one; I think that ball was just about out of the park or would have been.

I expect the Oakland game tomorrow to be rained out.

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