Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Yankees Game 21 Wrap-up

Well, you certainly can't move Joba to the bullpen after that. Not that you could in this situation anyway, lest the Yankees be down 2 starters as opposed to just Wang, but young Mr. Chamberlain tonight threw his best start of the year at the Detroit Tigers. Once the Yankees put up a touchdown in the 4th inning, Joba gave it everything he had and mowed down Detroit hitters like target practice dummies. Things got interesting in the bottom of the 9th -- perhaps too interesting -- but the outcome of the game was never really in doubt once the Yankees had their big inning. The 8-6 win moves the Yankees to 11-10 as they've taken 2 of 3 in this series.

Now they get to play the Angels, who are suddenly playing well (then again, they played Baltimore). Fun fun fun. A split may be the best case scenario.

This is a very interesting homestand for the Yanks: 4 against the LAAoA, 2 against the Red Sox and 2 against the Rays. It will be up to the Yankees to (1) play well at home against teams that are generally regarded to be contenders for October, regardless of current records, and (2) get back at Boston for the thrashing at Fenway. Probably the minimum acceptable outcome is 4-4.

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