Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Yankee Game 15 Wrap-up

This game was long and definitely several shades of boring (especially in the extra innings when seemingly nothing happened), but the Yankees won on a walk-off home run by Melky Cabrera of all people. Joe Girardi left CC Sabathia out there too long; I was questioning letting him pitch to Giambi in the 7th, and I certainly was opposed to letting him pitch to Holliday. The game probably should have been over in 9 innings. Again, CC wasn't that great, but he managed not to lose. The bullpen came up huge, not allowing a single run in innings 7 through 14. The Yankee offense should have scored at least one run with the bases loaded in the 7th; so yeah, the game probably should have been over in 9 innings.

More importantly now is that the Yankees are 9-6, 3 over for the first time this year. This is also their best 15-game start since 2003.

Oh yeah, and they play Boston next.

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