Thursday, April 23, 2009

MLB Notes

* I don't believe...what I just saw! The Pirates swept the Marlins! Hope in Buccoland after all? Well, let's not get ahead of ourselves, but 9-6 must feel pretty good.

* Perhaps I spoke too soon with regards to the Twins looking up. Boston swept a 16-inning doubleheader today by a combined score of 17-4. The Yankees and Red Sox will both be 9-6 when they meet on Friday night at Fenway.

* Barry Zito pitched quite well, or so it would seem, against the Padres. San Diego seems to be coming back to earth a little bit.

* Tough way for the Nats to lose tonight. Their play in these last few games appears to be a bit better.

* Only 1 team has given up more than 100 runs to this point in the season: the Baltimore Orioles. None have scored 100 yet.

* Cincinnati will go as far as their pitching takes them this year, and as we've discussed on this blog before, it's not bad at all, at least in terms of the rotation.

* I really doubt the Mets fans and most analysts expected them to be in 4th place at any point this season. Likewise I'm not sure anyone expected the Royals to be in first past day 1.

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