Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Heart-attack Eagles stave off Providence, plus a rant

Boston College put forth a great effort on Wednesday night against Providence College in basketball.  Until they didn't.

The Eagles went nearly wire to wire against Providence, outside of an early tie, beating the Friars 88-86.  Boston College led by as many as 15 in the second half, only to see their lead crumble once again (just like in the Indiana game and basically every game in which BC led against a marginally-relevant team last season).  Providence came within a few inches on a half-court, buzzer-beating heave of shocking the Eagles, but the shot didn't go and BC survived.

Plenty to like and dislike about this one, a game in which they survived without Corey Raji and Cortney Dunn for added depth.  I liked Josh Southern's play once again, as he had his second-consecutive game scoring a career-high of 16 points.  He looks like a completely different player from years past, and it's refreshing to finally see him play to his potential in his senior season.  It's hard not to like Reggie Jackson, who led the way with 26 and made some clutch shots.  Finally, I liked that the three was falling, as BC hit 50% from long range.

The dislikes: BC came >this< close to blowing what was looking like an easy win half-way through the second.  The Eagles gave up 55 points in the second half, which is just way too friggin many.  BC missed a lot of free throws tonight, more than ten if you want to be more specific.  Furthermore, the scoreboard wasn't working, we got some very bad stretches out of some players towards the end (and they know who they are), and last but not least, Conte Forum was overrun by Providence fans.

On that, I think I need to deliver a dressing-down of the Superfans like I did back in my WZBC days.  I know, it's such a long walk to Conte from CLXF or Ignacio or Walsh or wherever the hell else you guys live, but you know, you have an exciting basketball team, BC students, GO TO THE GAMES.  If I lived in the Boston area, I would have season tickets.  You guys have an ACC program right there and most of you don't show up.  Look at our student section and then look at the student sections in the rest of the ACC -- we disgrace our conference and our school when we see behind the basket on TV and the gold seats are 1/3 full.  Being a BC fan doesn't mean going to only the Duke or UNC games in basketball, or just rooting for hockey because they win, or just going to football games because you drink before, during, and after in the Mods.  There is an athletics program here which, despite the curious efforts of some, has become quite respectable.  Show your support for them dammit.

Anyway, with the win, BC is 7-2 and opens conference play against Maryland this Sunday.


  1. Good point, hopefully the students start making an appearance, as the team is tremendously more entertaining to watch now, rather than the Skinner days.

  2. I hope. I can't remember the last time I was in a full Conte Forum. It's been ages since I've never been able to get those Duke tickets.