Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy 2011

I thought the jersey to the left was quite apropos.

I want to extend best wishes for 2011 to all of the Boston College and ACC folk who have visited and been a part of the blog this year. I'll be entering my third year of doing this site and I've enjoyed every minute of it, and I hope for big things regarding both this blog and BC sports in 2011.

I have hope that it will be a great sports year for us. We might not get everything we'd like, but at least I'm fairly certain that BC won't start 2011 off in sports any worse than it did in 2010.

Speaking of Eagles sports, we have BC hockey tonight at 7pm in the Ledyard National Bank Classic championship, right as you start your New Year's Eve plans for this evening, and basketball tomorrow at 5:30pm against South Carolina.  I expect that game to be at about the same difficulty level as Rhode Island, but those turnovers are going to be critical.  BC can't turn the ball over 18 or more times and expect to win, especially given that Biko's injury status is in question.  All this and more coming up in 2011.  Enjoy the festivities. 

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