Sunday, December 19, 2010

Bryant vs. BC: Not much, but it’ll do, right?

The Boston College Eagles come back after 11 days since their last home game, including their annual break for finals, to face the Bryant Bulldogs. The Eagles are 8-2, while the Bulldogs are 1-8 and are also the worst team BC will face this season, with a KenPom rating in the 300s. There is no betting line for this game, but I will set it at BC -1 jillion. Yes, one JILLION. If you feel the need to throw down money on BC/Bryant in basketball, which I don’t condone anyway, then I think you should seek professional help. A loss in this game is so incomprehensible that I can’t even talk about it; needless to say, BC will most likely win by a wide margin.

Still coaching Bryant is BC alum and former two-time Eagle assistant Tim O’Shea, as he continues to guide the Bulldogs in their Division I transition phase. The statistical tale isn’t good for his bunch as you might imagine: Bryant can’t shoot, they can’t rebound, and they can’t make free throws. That, my friends, is a recipe for complete disaster.

Boston College, on the other hand, has been one of the most efficient offenses in the country, led by Reggie Jackson and Biko Paris, with Josh Southern coming on strong in his senior season and significant contributions from others like Corey Raji. Of course, I’m leaving out several key players, but I think I’ll give them a blanket compliment by saying that I don’t think there’s one player on this team that isn’t playing his ass off.

Eagles take it to 9-2 in this one [sarc] which I’m sure will draw a large crowd at Conte Forum [/sarc] and come back for Bucknell on Wednesday night. The tip is at 3pm.

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