Monday, November 1, 2010

What's changed and what hasn't

Following Boston College football's practically inexplicable "WTF win" over Clemson, I feel like we need to put things in the proper perspective.  There's no doubt that perceptions about this season changed after Saturday, but how so?

What the Clemson win changed

1.) It is possible for BC to win non-cupcake games. Does this mean that BC will run the table and make a forgettable bowl game? No, not necessarily. Does it even mean that everything is great once again in BC Football land? Again, no. But what we did get out of this game is that we now have tangible proof that the Eagles are capable of winning non-cupcake games. If you say we always had it this season, you're incorrect: they hadn't won any of them until yesterday. At least we know that they can now.

2.) BC can beat Dabo Swinney. The third time was the charm, I suppose, and it took a much weaker Clemson team than what we're used to seeing, but this guy does not own us by any stretch.

3.) Frank Spaziani's job status is virtually secure.
I've heard the rumblings that 2-10 would get him fired, but this third win by the Eagles (over Clemson, no less) has insured that Spaz will be on the sidelines next year, perhaps beyond. This is probably not good news, but we'll take the win.

What the Clemson win hasn't changed

1.) It's still all on the defense. Boston College managed only 16 points in their win. There is very little hope for this offense breaking through in scoring this season, as far as I'm concerned.

2.) Spaz and Tranq are still bad fits for BC. But all we will hear from the pro-Spaz media is how pivotal this game was, and that they will treat this game as vindication of their stance that he can and will turn things around. Boston College still has a losing record in the conference and overall, and Tranquill is as bad at calling plays as ever. One success in a season replete with failures does not make a coach successful.

3.) This team still has talent. It was always there, they just need to be put in better positions to win by those in charge.

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