Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Support your Eagles this week

Because I don't feel like writing a real article, these are your BC home games:

*Men's basketball vs. Yale: Thursday 7pm.  The Eagles look to go 2-0 to start the year with another creampuff opponent.  Coach D went 2-for-2 against the Bulldogs last year with Cornell, winning both games by double digits.

*Women's soccer vs. West Virginia: Friday 7pm.  This will also be on Newton Campus as the ladies play on in the NCAA Tournament's Sweet 16.

*Men's hockey vs. Maine: Friday 7pm.  A rematch of the 2010 Hockey East championship game.

*Football vs. Virginia: Saturday 12pm. Amongst others, Mark Herzlich's senior day at Alumni Stadium.

Plenty of good events from which to choose.  I know all of the teams would be appreciative of your support if you can give it.

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