Wednesday, November 3, 2010

BC-Wake: Bad offense vs. bad defense; who wins?

There's an old adage in baseball: good pitching beats good hitting. I've always wondered if bad pitching beats bad hitting (I assume it does).

In football, there's another adage stating "defense wins championships." When it comes to Boston College and Wake Forest, well, neither one is winning a championship this year, but they do get to play one another this weekend. The Eagles boast one of the most godawful offenses in the nation, while the Demon Deacons have one of the most putrid defenses I've ever seen. In a matchup of bad offense and bad defense, what wins out?

Consider the stats side-by-side (FBS rank in parenthesis):

BC Offense
WF Defense
Total yardage
295.4 (112)
453.4 (117)
18.8 (103)
40.8 (117)
Pass efficiency
105.9 (109)
151.9 (112)
First downs
14.8 (115)
24.3 (118)
Third downs
28.6% (117)
48.7% (117)

*Boston College has scored fewer than 20 points five times this season.

*Boston College has amassed fewer than 300 yards of total offense five times this season as well.

*This season, Wake Forest has allowed:
            -30 points or more five times.
            -40 points or more four times.
            -50 points or more three times.
            -60 points or more twice.

*In terms of total yardage, Wake Forest has allowed:
            -400 or more yards five times.
            -500 or more yards twice.
            -600 or more yards once (Virginia Tech).

Make no mistake, these two units are two of the worst at what they do in all the land.  On Saturday, however, one of them just might suck less thanks to the other.  I'm not entirely sure who it will be, so I'm putting the question to BC fans (or other ACC fans): when you have a bad offense (BC) against a bad defense (WF), which team do you feel should have the advantage?

More specifically in this game, do you think BC's offense will finally be able to get something going against Wake's defense, or will BC's offense make Wake's D look good for a change?

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