Saturday, October 16, 2010

FSU 24, BC 19: Postgame reactions

*I figured that Florida State might be flat for a little while, but would eventually turn on the jets and do unspeakable things to BC.  It never happened.  Florida State still ended up winning the game, but they honestly have nothing to be proud of today.  They won in spite of themselves and nearly blew a game to a three-touchdown underdog.  In what I saw, they looked bad.  Forget about the “BC plays them tough” aspect of it; the Eagles were getting blown out against teams better than Weber and Kent State, and Florida State is ranked.  The Seminoles, especially Christian Ponder, were nothing to write home about this afternoon.

*With that all said, the BC defense played a very good game.  Them having an extraordinary day was just about the only thing that would keep BC in it (aside from FSU being totally flat), and that’s pretty much what we got.  Hell, they even scored the only BC touchdown of the day.   Big props to them. 

*Chase Rettig is our future, of that there is no doubt.  The difference between him and Shinskie/Marsco is miles and miles.  With him, I see poise, mobility, and tight passes with zip.  The stat line might not totally show it, but he’s a big improvement over what we had.

*I’d throw this game in the “moral victory” bin, but unfortunately, those don’t count, and I'd rather have real victories, but that seems outside the abilities of this BC football team.

*Up next is Maryland; if BC’s defense plays like this, there’s no reason they shouldn’t be in it.  As for the offense, well, despite Rettig playing fine and Montel finally getting some rushing yards, they still put very few points on the board.  That will probably be an issue all year.

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