Thursday, August 5, 2010

BC basketball draws Texas A&M in Old Spice Classic

This wasn't the article I planned to post today, but I'll take the extra material.  The bracket for the 2010 Old Spice Classic was released, and we know that BC will get a pretty good out-of-conference opponent in Texas A&M in the first round.  The Aggies, of course, were an NCAA Tournament team last season (and there are four others in this tournament).  From there, the Eagles will either get Manhattan or Wisconsin, then any of Georgia, Notre Dame, Temple, or Cal, depending on how far they go. 

We'll discuss it more when the time comes in November, but there exists the potential to notch a few good OOC wins, or at least help the strength of schedule.  Of course, there was that same potential at the Paradise Jam.  I guess it's a good thing St. Joe's and Northern Iowa aren't showing up.


  1. Turkey day hoops?
    If Thanksgiving dinner is at my parents house, there's a better chance of watching the game than if it's at my wife's parents house.

    Either way, I'll be trying to make it happen. way better than watching the Detroit Lions play.

  2. Good catch; didn't even occur to me that it's on Thanksgiving. On ESPN2, no less.

    Way better than watching the Lions getting slaughtered by...who are we kidding, it doesn't matter.