Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Will the Hen cluck no more in Raleigh?

You know that Kevin Noreen is going to wonderful academic institution West Virginia and that we've had some BC players drafted into the NHL.  Speaking of people who once graced the Heights with their presence, our old friend semi-capable head coach Tom O'Brien seems to be in hot water at NC State.

We all knew that coming into this season, TOB's record of achievement mediocrity was, well, mediocre.  He will be entering his 4th year down there and still they've got just about nothing to show for his tenure except a program which is still winning at the same clip as when he took over -- which is to say not much.

Enter Debbie Yow, sister of the late NC State coach Kay Yow, as the new athletic director.  She will doubtlessly not tolerate a failed head coach which she inherited from the previous administration.  TOB is toast if he has another lackluster year.  So what does that mean for BC if he gets canned?  Well, that's one less automatic win every year.

Of course, that article also spells out quite a bit of doom for Maryland coach Ralph Friedgen, thanks also to Yow's change in jobs.  The coaching carousel in the ACC could be on the move again after this season.  As for BC's coaching situation, unless the Jets call Spaziani up for an interview, I think he's safe.

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