Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Welcome aboard, Taylor and Humphrey

Coach Donahue has added two new faces to the men's basketball squad in the past two days.  Yesterday we learned that Travis Taylor, formerly of Monmouth University, will transfer to BC.  The con is that he was suspended in January for 7 games for a violation of team rules, but the pro is that he is well-regarded for his play and talent level.  He will be eligible to play in 2011 but I look forward to it.
Just tonight, we learned via Fox Sports' Jeff Goodman that Matt Humphrey, formerly of Oregon, will also transfer to BC.   A sophomore like Taylor, he averaged only 5.4 points per game (injury limited him last year) but hey, he's another body for the roster.  I'm guessing he's another guy who will be eligible in 2011.

Some additional info on Humphrey: I've been reading up on some Oregon blogs, most notably Addicted to Quack (how can you not love that name), and they seem to think positively of this young man, calling him their "most (only?) clutch player last year."  Other posters on that site note how he was a streaky shooter and a decent player -- not a game-changing talent, but a player apparently worth having.


  1. Welcome aboard! I am excited for BC basketball. I expect big things and I know Donahue is working hard.

  2. There's certainly been some good news in the last week or so on the b-ball front (first ever elite camp going well, 3 new players). I may have to crank out a new article about it all.