Friday, June 11, 2010

News from the future: BC accepts expansion invite

June 29, 2025: Boston College announced today that it will accept an invitation from the Super Big Coastal 48 to become its newest member. To bring the conference to 54 members, the SBC-48 will also extend invitations to Boise State, Maryland, Pittsburgh, Kansas State, and the University of Oprah. UOprah was known as the University of Connecticut until 2019, when then-President Winfrey convinced Congress to rename one of the states “Oprah;” Connecticut volunteered.  Winfrey's successor, President Monica Lewinsky, has said she will veto any Republicrat measures to change the name back.

The new Athletics Director, Jerry York's clone, hailed the move as “the next big step” for Boston College athletics. Men’s basketball coach Jared Dudley agreed, stating that the competition the Eagles would face in all varsity sports would be second to none. Dudley took over for retired head coach Steve Donahue in May, following the school’s fourth consecutive national championship.

The SBC-48, in only its second full year of existence, was founded after the merger of the Super Coastal 32 and the Big Sixteen in 2023. The only other major conference remaining is the Eastern Conference, now a fifteen-team league with the Eagles’ departure. Following this new wave of expansion, the new best football team in the EC will be South Florida, who went 5-7 overall last season.

Boston College’s membership in the SBC-48 will begin in the 2026-2027 academic year.

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