Wednesday, May 12, 2010

OK, here's some BC material

Thank you for indulging me in my anti-GPS rant.  There are now a few BC items showing up on the ticker today which require comment.

First, as you know, Boston College has drawn Indiana University in the 2010 ACC-Big Ten Challenge game, a game the Eagles will host at Conte Forum.  I have no strong feelings about it either way -- BC will be bringing a (formerly) big name to the Heights, and assuming we have any players left on the team when the season begins, we'll have a shot of beating the Hoosiers.

While we're on topic: have you wondered, though, how conference expansion might change this Challenge?  What will the Big Ten look like in a few years, and what will the ACC look like?  It's pretty crazy to think about but I'm far too exhausted to start delving into possibilities.

Next, BC baseball has rescheduled its game with Dartmouth after all.  It was canceled due to weather up in Hanover, but the game will be played in Boston.  A win or a loss probably won't make much of a difference either way at this point.

Finally, has made it very apparent that football season tickets are now on sale.  The video they have on the website is the same one you saw if you watched the grainy video feed of the spring game.

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