Saturday, April 24, 2010

BC Spring game reactions

I'm going to do this all or mostly in bullet-point format, simply because I don't feel like organizing my thoughts in any specific manner.

-If there was an individual winner today, it would be Mike Marscovetra.  He didn't blow anybody away, but what he did, he did right and looked pretty good doing it.  He had nice poise and got the job done. 

-Rettig looked good early but made some bad mistakes, like the two interceptions (and there could have been more than just 2).  He was, however, impressive at times and there's certainly something to work with there.  He's got a big arm but has to make better decisions.  I don't think he's ready quite yet.

-Bordner was up and down.  He did some things right and some things wrong, but he also looks like he's got some talent.  He's not ready, either.

-If I can give a spring game a winner, I can also give it a loser: our dear old Uncle Dave.  I feel no better about Shinskie right now than I did after the Emerald Bowl.  He clearly has work to do as Marscovetra was definitely better and Rettig was better to an extent.  He looked just plain awkward out there, and if I didn't know any better, I wouldn't think he was the first-string QB with a year under his belt.

-I have not changed my position on this at all since the end of the '09 season: Shinskie will get the ball against Weber State, but it would be a mistake to assume that the starting job is his all year, even if it means having to go through the training wheels process with a new guy.  I was hoping to see improvement; I didn't.  If this is how he looks going into the ACC opener, we have a problem.  Performance in a spring football game is not a guarantee about anything 4 or 5 months from now, but I sincerely hope this is not how he's playing when the games count.

-I enjoyed hearing "tackled by Luke Kuechly" and "tackled by Kevin Pierre-Louis" today as often as I did.  Get ready to hear that a whole lot more in the fall.

-Today was a very sack-happy game.  On one particular play I recall, Marscovetra was sacked about 2 seconds after the ball was snapped and was still dropping back.  That backup offensive line was letting guys right through. 

I am certainly looking forward to football now, and how BC will move forward with regards to some of the battles they have brewing, particularly at QB.

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