Thursday, March 11, 2010

The worst BC team of the 2000s

That is how the 2009-2010 Eagles will be remembered.  This has been the most disgraceful Boston College basketball season I can remember in my years of following this team.  Say what you will about that bad team in 2007-2008, but at least they won an ACC Tournament game (against a team on the bubble no less).  This incarnation of the Eagles, however, couldn't get past the coldest team in the ACC without two of its best players.  There was absolutely nothing positive to take out of today's performance, as with most performances this season.  This team should be ashamed of themselves for the horrendous play they have foisted upon us this year.  You lost to St. Joe's.  You lost to Maine.  You lost to Harvard...again.  You gagged up several winnable conference games in the last few minutes.  You have utterly embarrassed yourselves this year.

It's just as well that they've been dismissed from the ACC Tournament early; they had no shot of going anywhere or doing anything, anyway.  They would have gotten mauled by Duke tomorrow if they played like this (think Clemson game in March 2008).

So then, where do we go from here?  Probably nowhere, as next season with the same crew will probably be just as bad as this one.  Before the season began, I was very much pro-Skinner.  Now, I am firmly in the Fire Skinner camp.  I have seen just about enough.  This season should not have been anywhere near as bad as it turned out to be, with a veteran team no less.  We have now had 2 bad years in the last 3.  It's time for some new blood.

I know that from time to time, some people in the Athletics Department and their friends read this blog and the other BC blogs.  We the fans have a message we would like to send you right now, and it's that we want change.  Conte Forum is half-empty for games in part due to the horrible product on the court.  It's an embarrassment and it won't get any better until there is change for the better.  We want something about which to get excited.  When are we going to get it?  Are we going to get it?  BC fans have held a referendum on what they think of the state of this program right now.  They voted at the turnstiles of Conte Forum.  Your students don't even bother to show up at the games when it would take them a five-minute walk to get there.

There is severe apathy over this program.  You think people are going to show next year if they look like this?  Good luck dragging the students out of their dorm rooms and getting the old timers to brave the traffic and, God forbid, winter weather.

(Edit: so that there is no confusion, please note how I did say in part two paragraphs up.  I know that the program has way more problems than just the team's play, and that the lousy product is not the only reason.)

You built it, but they ain't coming.  The sooner you realize that, the better off we will be.  This loss today wasn't even about the Virginia Cavaliers: it was about the consistently poor play of the Boston College Eagles this season.  It was the perfect topping to a miserable year and BC deserved it.  If you care about this program, 2009-2010 was a dagger in the temple.

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