Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Last home game for BC basketball

(Thunderous applause breaks out)

But seriously, tomorrow is Senior Night as we bid bon voyage to our lone senior, Tyler Roche.  I wish him well but his BC basketball career isn't over yet.  He's got at least three more games to go, including Wednesday night's match with Virginia.

If BC wins, they're looking like the 8 seed in the ACC Tournament.  If not, they could still be the 9 (or as low as 11).  Moving up from 9 to 8 really is no big deal at all, because they'd be playing the same team anyway.  That team is likely to be Virginia, the same team they play tomorrow.  It is highly likely that this game will be a preview of next Thursday's 12pm 8-9 game in Greensboro.  You can watch it on ESPNU at 9pm ET.

I do expect BC to win.  It might not be pretty -- in fact, it probably won't be -- but I do think they are capable of beating the Cavaliers.  Virginia has lost seven games in a row, the last five of which were blowouts or close to it.  They have lost those last five games by an average of about 18 points and have scored an average of 56 points per game in their seven-game losing streak.  Even Miami found a way to beat this team by 12 points.  They are also a lousy road team, going 2-7 on the year.

Who knows if Cavalier star player Sylvan Landesberg will play (injury).  If he does not, then BC's chances of victory go from being good to very good.  Virginia does not score points, or at least they haven't been doing so lately.  Landesberg is by far their leading scorer, so you figure out the 'Hoos chances without him.

I'm just interested in a strong finish riding into the ACC Tournament.  If they can't win this game (or the next one for that matter), then screw it.

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