Tuesday, March 23, 2010

...but let's not all blame the pitching

I said yesterday -- and I stand by this -- that pitching is the main cause of Boston College baseball's poor start to the 2010 season.  After posting that, I decided to do some investigation into the Eagles' offense.  What I found was not shocking, but it is notable.

For those who can't see, the Eagles hit .324 to this point in 2009.  In 2010, due in part to the loss of some of the offensive players I mentioned yesterday, their team average has fallen to .276.  Their scoring output has suffered as a result.  In 2009 at this point, they had scored 150 runs.  Now, they have only scored 115.

We have, then, identified two areas where Boston College baseball has seemed to decline so far this season.  I guess the only thing really left to examine is defense.  Oh wait, I did that too:

This is largely a push, as BC has only committed four more errors than at this stage in 2009, but there is one dubious streak Boston College has had during the course of this year: at one point, the Eagles went 12 straight games with an error committed.  The 2010 Eagles have also only had four errorless games in the whole 19.  The 2009 Eagles had eight.

That now makes three phases of this team's play where they have, at best, come up short of last year's start.  I know, there's only so much you can put into statistics, but those stats tell the same story as BC's win-loss record.

There is always a chance that the Eagles can turn things around, but it goes without saying that a number of players will have to make significant improvement to affect any drastic change.  Heading through an always-tough ACC schedule, that improvement had better come soon, or it could be a long spring.

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