Sunday, March 21, 2010

BC hockey's tournament draw

I've composed a few thoughts and put them on BCI.  We'll return to our normal schedule of posts and/or delusional rantings about BC sports within the next week.

Watching the DVR recording of the selection show from this morning, I saw that neither of ESPN's analysts picked the Eagles to get past the second round.  They were all about North Dakota's size being a bad matchup for BC, and that it would cost us a chance at the Frozen Four.  Frankly, and this is the homer in me talking, I think that when this team is on, they can beat almost anyone.  Like I said a few days ago, there are few teams I would take over the Eagles right now.  North Dakota, though a very good team themselves, is not one of them.  If we win, we win, and if we lose, we lose, but this is the team we've got, and I'm ready to see them win some tournament games.

Coming tomorrow: an analysis of BC baseball's season which is swirling the bowl

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