Saturday, February 13, 2010

Is it going to be another one of THOSE weekends?

Last night, BC lost to UMass-Lowell for the second time this season, scoring only one goal in their defeat.  In their 1/23 loss to the Riverhawks, they scored one goal.  Granted, I could not watch either game because of a decided lack of television coverage, but what the hell is it about that team that BC can't score more than a goal a game?  If they're offensively held down tonight, then I'm going to assume they just have some strong matchup advantages with us.

The Eagles will get one more crack at them tonight at 5pm, and they pretty much have to win, because now they're 5 points behind New Hampshire in the conference.  Another loss tonight would be very harmful to their Hockey East chances.

The basketball at Florida State tomorrow night.  Maybe there's a golf tournament on TV I can watch instead.

And then there's the Olympic ceremonies I watched last night.  If you didn't see it, here is a summary: some weird people in leather and flannel playing the fiddle, the late Dom DeLuise doing slam poetry, lots of prancing around trees, the female Wayne Newton singing, a person of questionable gender flying through the prairies, and an Olympic torch malfunction.  I didn't see the Beijing one, so I'm not holding Vancouver to an impossible standard, but that was the best they could come up with?  How strange.

Anyhoo, go BC this weekend...or else.

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  1. The Eagles have a game in hand in the Hockey East standings. Even if they lose tonight, all hope isn't lost. BC would just need to get one more point more than UNH over their next four games going into the two-game, regular season finale against UNH.