Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I can't stress this enough

BC has to beat Merrimack tonight.  This is the situation, in two easy-to-understand points:

-BC is four points behind New Hampshire with four games to go, including two against New Hampshire.  Any losses prior to that 2-game showdown could virtually eliminate them from winning the top seed, since New Hampshire is likely to win at least one of their two games before playing BC. 

-Merrimack is an 8th-place team and has the second-worst overall record in Hockey East.  BC is a 2nd-place team and #7 in the nation (ranked higher than any other HE team).  BC should not be losing home games to Merrimack with a Hockey East regular-season title at stake.

This is the easiest game BC will have until the Hockey East quarters, so go get it, Eagles.  The game begins at 7pm and if you want any live coverage, you'll have to follow the audio/video links at BCEagles.com or just follow on Gametracker.

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