Saturday, February 20, 2010

A better Saturday

The BC basketball team started our day off by not only avoiding embarrassment on CBS, but by beating North Carolina for the second time in two years.  Furthermore, we got to hear Gus Johnson do the game.

Reggie Jackson and Evan Ravenel in particular were very good, with many of the supporting players doing their part.  The only player whom I thought played badly was Southern.  If it's going to take Southern and Biko Paris coming in off the bench (as opposed to starting) to get the Eagles some traction, then do it.  Furthermore, I think they played with some intensity today and didn't crap out down the stretch as they have been so apt to do.

Now do yourselves a favor and don't let this win get you too excited.  The Clemson win was followed up by a four-game losing streak which included two soul-crushing losses to Florida State and largely-forgettable performances against Wake and Duke.  I would not be at all surprised if BC lost their next game, and you shouldn't be, either.  The Tar Heels are clearly not the team they used to be, but they still won. 

It's still all about positioning for the ACC Tournament, so the more wins, the better the seed they're likely to be.  The two teams directly in front of them in the standings are on the remaining schedule.  If the season ended now, BC would be the 9-seed and play in the 8-9 game (against Virginia).  The 7-seed is not out of the question as Georgia Tech (currently 7th) is 6-7 in conference and BC gets to play them.  Going from 9th to 8th won't make much of a difference for obvious reasons. 

Meanwhile, the baseball team has won 12-0 in their second game at Tulane, putting BC at 2-0.  They've scored twenty runs in their first two games and have hit four home runs already.  Tulane isn't a bad team, either.  It excites me because I'm hoping that maybe BC has the kind of offense to hang with a lot of these elite ACC programs.  If they're hitting like this all season, it's going to be another NCAA Tournament year for us.  Tomorrow, the Eagles go for the sweep.

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