Saturday, February 6, 2010

BC hockey's a damn fine club

For the 3rd game in a row, Boston College men's hockey has absolutely dominated their opposition.  On Friday night, with one of the biggest hockey crowds UMass has ever roped in, BC sent them all home to a 7-1 loss.  Keep in mind that, like BC, UMass is also ranked in the national Top 15.  Well, they won't be ranked in the next poll, but they were for this game.

Providence was a 5-2 win, Harvard was a 6-0 win, and now UMass is a 7-1 win.  For the mathematically-challenged, that's an 18-3 scoring margin since last weekend.  They're getting contributions from many guys on the team and they're not making a lot of mistakes out there.

Alright, Harvard and Providence are not that good, but UMass boasts some very good players.  This was a legit win by BC, and they're playing about as well as anyone right now.

In Hockey East terms, with the New Hampshire loss on Friday night, BC is in sole possession of 2nd place in the conference and has pulled to within 3 points of a first-place tie.  The Eagles are getting ready to make their move on the top seed and if they keep playing like this, they have a decent shot of getting there.  This is right now the only major team we have that has a realistic shot of contending for a national title this year, so I suggest we all get behind them if we're not already.

Now the focus shifts to Monday night when BC must defend their honor against the other Boston school at the TD Garden.  More on that this weekend.

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