Monday, January 11, 2010

Women's B-ball: A team that wins

Our men's hockey team (0-for-the-decade) and men's basketball team (only win against NJIT) just aren't cutting it these days.  Let's talk about a team that's actually winning in 2010, and that would be the ladies' basketball team.

So far, they haven't lost since the new year began, going 3-0 and winning their ACC opener.  What's funny is that they have the same record as the men's team: 10-6, but the main difference is that the women's team is on the rise.  They've got some good players, such as Carolyn Swords, Brittanny Johnson, and Mickel Picco, and things are starting to look up as they beat NC State the other night.

Their conference schedule will be tough, as ACC play usually is, but perhaps they can put together a strong showing.  I wish them success as always; now back to being miserable about the men's team.

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