Thursday, January 28, 2010

I'm still alive

Lucky you.  There's just not a whole lot to write about lately.  I guess this is the problem with long periods in between BC games and not having much filler material.

I have, as you can see, added some new links to the sidebar, and I am actively posting on my twitter feed in the upper right; become a follower of mine if you like.  I will post in there as much as I can, because some of that crap I write there isn't worthy of a blog post.  This probably wasn't worth of a blog post, either, but I didn't want to let it go on three days without saying something.

Now then, let me make it worth your while: I've been posting in that twitter feed about the RPI and SOS for BC.  The RPI went up from 95th to 86th on the night that BC beat Clemson, which is a significant jump.  It will go even higher as BC will play Duke, FSU twice, Wake, UNC, etc, especially if they win.  What will also increase is the strength of schedule.  CBS Sports now has our SOS at 25, which is pretty damn good.  With the opposition yet to come, and teams like UNI, URI, Harvard, and even Maine sitting on good records, it's likely to go even higher.

Last year, BC's RPI was 60, and SOS was 59.  If BC wins some more of these tough games, it's possible that despite their facepalm-worthy play for half the season, they could end up having a better RPI and SOS than last year.  In fact, the only team they've lost to with a bad record is St. Joe's (which, ironically enough, could end up being the worst loss by the numbers this season, not Maine).  Some of their losses are pretty inexcusable, but the rankings for the resume seem to be breaking right, so long as their opponents continue to play well and BC starts winning with regularity.

Now then, the next order of business would be to beat Florida State.

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