Tuesday, December 22, 2009

MBB Game 12: Massachusetts at Boston College

So, the Eagles are 7-4 and they didn't lose to Bryant.  That's the best news I've heard about BC basketball in a week.  Now their attention turns to the Massachusetts Minutemen, whom they will host on the eve of Christmas Eve.

The Eagles have had their ups and downs, as have the Minutemen.  Wins against Michigan, Providence, and Miami have been dulled by losses to Harvard, Rhode Island, and St. Joe's.  UMass's only win of note was their most recent one against Memphis (a one-point victory on a last-second shot); they've lost to the other good teams they've played, as well as some of the not so good ones.

If BC wins: 8-4 (1-0); starting to pick up a little ground in OOC again
If BC loses: 7-5 (1-0); the most regular season OOC losses this decade

BC's leading scorer, believe it or not, is Corey Raji with 15.4.  Joe Trapani is right behind him at 15.1 and Reggie Jackson has come up with 13.9.  The team is still outrebounding their opponents by a good margin (+11.4) but still turning the ball over with regularity.

For UMass, Ricky Harris leads (17.2), Anthony Gurley (16.4) places, and Terrell Vinson (10.4) shows in 3rd.  They don't rebound as well as BC does (+4.6) and they turn it over about as much.  UMass does seem to score more points, however.

On the whole, the Eagles have been better than the Minutemen, and this is another game they should win.  Then again, they should have beaten St. Joe's, they should have beaten Harvard, and they should have beaten Rhode Island.  It might not be easy or pretty (as BC games typically aren't), but if it's not a win at the end of the day, that's another knock on the ol' resume.  It's about time BC beats an A10 team, and the third time will have to be the charm.

This is another one I'm going to miss (it's Christmas, what can you do), but if you want to watch it and you're not at Conte Forum, they're not going to make it easy for you.  This game will not be televised, but like the Bryant game, there will be TV and audio links available through the BC Eagles website.  Perhaps they would require you to pay, perhaps they wouldn't, but I'm sure that if that's the case, there will be other means present for viewing the game online.  UMass will stream the audio on WRNX.com, but that's the Minutemen call...you don't want that one (do you?)


  1. It'll be up on http://channelsurfing.net/

  2. Thanks, I figured it would be.

    It's at 7pm eastern I believe.