Friday, December 18, 2009

MBB Game 11: Bryant at Boston College

This basketball game will be taking place on Sunday, but the weekend will be a little too busy, so this article is being posted tonight.  The Emerald Bowl defenses article will be posted on Sunday night, after what is hopefully a Boston College victory.

There isn't a whole lot to say right now about where BC is and where BC's going, because we really don't know where this team stands right now or where the hell they're going.  The only question that this game will settle is: Is BC circling the drain?

If BC wins: No, not necessarily.
If BC loses: Yes, probably.

The Bryant Bulldogs, who are not even a full-blown Division I program yet, come into the Conte Forum with a record of 0-10.  Their RPI is 341 (the worst it can possibly be is 347) and they will probably not win more than a few games all season.  This had better not be one of them.  The Bulldogs have had a few close calls, but those were against the likes of Brown, Bucknell, and St. Francis (NY).

Looking at stats or key players are a worthless endeavor at this juncture.  Everyone reading this post right now knows who the better team on paper is (BC), and it is not by a slim margin, either.  This is a game BC should win by 20-30 points, but after the past few games, it's hard to know what you're going to get out of them.  Despite all that, I still expect a comfortable victory.

Try not to let the snow screw up your weekend (as it probably will mine).


  1. Anyone know where this game is online? for free... doesn't have it

  2. I think there's a link through on the schedule page. Not sure if registration or money is required but for the audio only it shouldn't be.

  3. nope that's all pay.
    radio feed from RI here: