Sunday, December 6, 2009

BC b-ball rolls on

I only glazed over some of the action on my DVR, but it looked like another good win for the Eagles.  This time, the victory was over the Miami Hurricanes, pushing BC to 6-2 (1-0).  I see that the offensive rebounding was very good and once again totally dominated on the boards -- they had more offensive boards than Miami had total rebounds.

The turnovers were still high at 11, but what was concerning is that this is now the third game in a row where BC has had a double-digit lead in the second half and ended up barely winning.  This team needs to learn how to close out and not let go of the other team's throat.

Other than that, there are again a number of positives to take from this game.  Reggie Jackson (that dunk he had!) and Corey Raji were again solid, and the Eagles have themselves a conference win.  Again, it is clear to me that this is not at all a bad team, despite being picked 9th in the conference and the haters going on about the Paradise Jam.  They've just beaten Providence, Michigan, and undefeated Miami without Rakim Sanders.  I can only hope that they'll be that much better when he comes back.  I see absolutely no reason why they can't win some games in the ACC and take a stab at another NCAA bid if they keep up the effort.

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