Saturday, November 7, 2009

Week 10 in the ACC: Recap

Rather than writing out long paragraphs, I'll just do some quick bullet points.  It's a Saturday night, and I have better things to do...right?

*I guess it was foolish to pin our hopes on Florida State winning a game.  They looked awfully unimpressive in Clemson (and so did Clemson, to be honest).  The ACC Atlantic is slipping away from the Eagles (though I am virtually certain that Clemson would lose to GT a second time this season in the championship game).  Clemson's kicker was also the exact opposite of what he was in the BC game.

*Virginia Tech won, but they still can't score points.  I wasn't that impressed with them, either.

*Miami did to Virginia pretty much exactly what I expected them to do.  I hope the Cavaliers are this soft next weekend.

*I would have paid not to see the Maryland/NC State game.  TOB's team finally won an ACC match, but they had to play the conference cellar-dwellers to do it.

*Wake has come close to knocking off a ranked team each of the last two weeks, but again came up empty-handed against GT.  It's just been that kind of close-but-no-cigar season for the Deacs, just like when they had the ball inside the 5 in overtime and fumbled the game away. 

*I was sure Duke would pull the upset over UNC; the only thing they pulled is themselves out of the ACC Coastal race.

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