Sunday, November 15, 2009

I'm bored; let's talk about the upcoming week

It's a Sunday night and there's nothing going on.  I generally want to post something every day on this site, so I'll really be scraping the bottom of the barrel here: let's talk about what will come up in the BC sports week ahead.

*Within the next week, the women's soccer team will play their next game in the NCAA Tournament against Wisconsin.  They are quite good at what they do and hopefully they will end their year with a championship.

*On Tuesday night, BC will play cupcake game #2 against St. Francis (NY).  There is no line for this game so I can only assume that it would be BC -1 jillion.  Not million or billion: jillion

*Women's hockey plays BU on Wednesday and then Vermont on Friday.

*The ladies' basketball team faces Rutgers on Thursday.

*Men's basketball will fly to the Virgin Islands for the Paradise Jam which begins on Friday.  The Eagles will play St. Joe's at 6, just an hour before men's hockey plays Maine (and again on Saturday).  They will play their second game of the Jam on Sunday against either Purdue or South Dakota State (hopefully Purdue; the Eagles showed pretty well against them last year at MSG and it will be a good early test).

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