Monday, November 30, 2009

All's quiet

Well then, we've found ourselves with a boring couple of days around here before the next BC sporting event (that would be the Michigan basketball game on Wednesday).  I'll take this opportunity to inform you of goings-on at BC and the upcoming schedules.

If you're a student or are in the area, and you like free stuff like cookies and/or hot chocolate, BC will light their Christmas tree in O'Neill Plaza at 5pm tomorrow.  I remember once having a 4:30pm class in Devlin on the day of the tree lighting.  It was quite hard to hear our professor over the singing, compounding the fact that he had a thick Irish accent and it was hard to understand him anyway.  Still, the ceremony outside looked like a hell of a lot more fun than what we were doing inside (and to make matters worse, I had to haul ass back to Newton after this late class).

Back to sports, the Eagles have Michigan in men's basketball on Wednesday  and Iowa on the women's side -- but then nothing again until Friday, when both hockey teams play.  I mean, I guess this is better than the start of football season (when that was the only game in town...once a week), but at least with regular football games, I could write regular material.  I'm thinking a lot more basketball game preview articles are in our future (which means you can expect one tomorrow).  Take this time to finish off your Thanksgiving leftovers and put up your Christmas lights.

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