Saturday, October 3, 2009

Florida State at BC: Quick, unedited reactions

*I am so proud of my Boston College Superfans today, both in wearing their gold to the game and in showing up at Gameday in big numbers despite the weather.  You kids are alright.

*The first half was great, and so was Shinskie. 

*I'm very pleased to be 2-1 in the ACC after the disastrous Clemson game.

*This game should not have been close.  Spaziani and the coaching staff got soft as soon as the second half started, with their big lead, and just like last week, they let the other team come back in the game.  This is a poor coaching staff.  I'm not checking my blood pressure; I don't want to know.

*I would have liked to see lot more pressure generated by the D.


  1. hey man i really like your blog but im not sure about the following statement following a quality in conference win --

    "this is a poor coaching staff"

    no they're not. why do you think they are? are you basing that statement on some in game decisions? dont you realize that a coach has to coach his team the whole year and not just for several games?

    im not sure if you were a college athlete or not, but you should realize that any college coach wins his or her games away from the playing field

  2. I based that statement on in-game observations only; since I'm not in the locker room and not attending practices, I can't make any judgments on how Spaz and the others work with their team. For all I know, you could be one of the players, which would obviously give you some different perspective.

    I'm not saying they're bad guys, just that I question more than a few decisions they've made during the game. Obviously BC is 4-1, so it's not like I'm going to pound my fists complaining about it, but it is an area where I hope to see improvement.

  3. hey 08eagle, thanks for the response. haha i am not one of the players, and i didn't even go to bc, but i was an athlete in college, and i really believe that the importance of a good coach can not be underestimated.

    just think of all the practices, locker room speeches, meetings etc that happen prior to the game. im just saying keep in mind that the preparation before a game is more important than a handful of decisions made during the game

    keep up the good work, it's fun reading your blog