Friday, October 2, 2009

Florida State at BC: Pick

For one thing, I'm still pissed that I have to go somewhere else to watch this game in standard definition.

With that said, I am hesitant to take BC for reasons I've already stated on this blog. Boston College has been inconsistent in their first two ACC games, and Florida State has beaten BC in both home games the Eagles have played since they joined the ACC (while BC beat them in FSU's home games).

I'm going to make this simple: it depends on what Seminole team shows up on Saturday. We know what BC team is going to show up: one that has talent, playmaking ability, conservative coaching, but a team that can be competitive. Florida State, however, has been up and down from week to week. They looked like world-beaters against the BYU Cougars, but barely scraped by Jacksonville State the week before.

If the good FSU shows up, I don't think the Eagles will win. If the bad FSU shows up, the Eagles will go to 2-1 in the conference. There was really only one way to determine this: I flipped a coin (best of 5), and it told me that the bad FSU will show up. Based upon that, Eagles win a squeaker.

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