Monday, April 27, 2009

Yankees Game 19 Postmortem

Is it going to be another one of those seasons in the Bronx?

The game's not even as important to me or any Yankee fans right now as the record is. The Yanks are looking at a 9-10 start right now after being 9-6 and heading into Boston with confidence. This team has played like total crap for the last few days now and once again, it's looking like another April to forget.

April 2009: 9-10 (to date)
April 2008: 14-15
April 2007: 9-14
April 2006: 13-10
April 2005: 10-14
March/April 2004: 12-11

With the exception of 2006, which was at best OK, all of these starts since 2004 have been average, lackluster, or just plain bad. The Yankees have gotten themselves into a familiar pattern of looking bad early in the season and then forcing themselves to play from behind most of the year. In 2007 it cost them the division title, and in 2008 it cost them the playoffs altogether. It remains to be seen what it will be in 2009, but whatever "it" is, the 2009 Yankees do not have it yet.

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