Tuesday, April 14, 2009

So...Isiah's a coach again...

Disgraced former Knicks coach Isiah Thomas is going to Florida International University to be their head coach. FIU won 13 games this year out of the Sun Belt, 9 games the year before, 12 the year before that, so on and so forth. Not that I'm a fan of the guy, but those who say he'll destroy the team don't know much about this program (either that or they're expecting it to totally dissolve). The team is already quite bad, so if they suck next year, it won't necessarily be his fault. He can't do any worse than he did at MSG...right?

As a publicity stunt, this isn't a particularly bad one by the school, despite Isiah's previous lack of success. This may be the first time that the college basketball world has ever spoken of FIU. I just don't expect him to stick around very long.

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