Tuesday, April 28, 2009

MLB Notes

* The pain it causes me to admit that Boston is currently baseball's best team is extreme, yet there it is. 11 in a row is hard to argue with.

* On the other side, baseball's former best team, the Marlins, continue their death plummet. 7 losses in a row now for the Fish who will be lucky if they can hold off the Phils for the rest of the week through tomorrow. To make matters worse, Hanley Ramirez got plunked and had to leave the game, leaving it very likely that he'll miss the rest of the series with the Mets.

* Baltimore and the Yankees together have combined for 260 runs allowed already.

* The AL West is a peculiar division. I'm sure I've said this before, but it really doesn't seem as though the teams I thought would step up are able to do so at this point. I think any of these four teams have a legitimate chance to be in the race in September.

* St. Louis looks like they've got their crap together. They're probably the best in the NL at this point.

* If I hadn't looked it up, I would have never guessed that the Giants have won 7 of their last 10 games to pull even at .500. They've got the second-fewest runs allowed in the NL, and third-fewest in the majors.

* The team with the fewest runs allowed in all of baseball? Get ready for this: the Kansas City Royals. I guess they're finally getting something right out there after so many years of blahness.

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