Wednesday, April 22, 2009

MLB Notes

* What the hell is going on in Pittsburgh? The Buccos actually look, dare I say it, good. They've beaten the Marlins twice in two games now and are 8-6 for the first time since 2003. It's been so long since baseball has succeeded in that town that I'm sure anything is a positive step.

* The Mariners look good too. I'm not sure which season was the fluke now: 2007 (88 wins) or 2008 (61 wins).

* The Rays do not. The defending AL champs are off to a rough start, but they didn't get off to a great start last year either. It wasn't until May that the Rays really started turning it around anyway.

* Washington wins again, and another one-run game. At least it's something to cheer about for Nats fans. Still a long way under .500 though.

* The 'Stros exploded for 8 runs! Take a picture, it'll last longer. But no, seriously, the Dodgers were due to cool off sooner or later and Houston did a good job.

* The Mets totally blew that game tonight in St. Louis. They now sit at 6-7 and have been shaky.

* The defending champs have been shaky too, but not tonight they weren't. Charlie Manuel said that he feels there might be a little bit of a World Series hangover, which is possible, but 6-6 isn't the worst hangover in the world. Having a splitting headache and waking up in a strange apartment in handcuffs and puke might be.

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