Tuesday, April 14, 2009

MLB Notes

* Lost in some of the troubles of Yankee starting pitching is the fact that the team on the other side of the rivalry is on a collision course with a 2-5 start. That would be the worst Red Sox 7-game start since 1996.

* The Nats have hit 0-7, but they weren't beating the Phillies today, who were playing with an emotional purpose. BP thought this Washington team could win 76 games; that would truly be a miracle after what I'm seeing.

* Not a great debut for Citi Field: the first hitter in stadium history puts the Mets behind and they lose the game. Hey, at least it's nicer to look at than Shea.

* As of yesterday, the Astros had scored 16 runs in 6 games. Now it's 16 runs in 7 games. Worth a mention is that they scored the fewest amount of runs of any team in the spring. I'm really starting to get the picture that their offense just isn't that good, or maybe it's in a titanic slump. Whatever the case, it's terrible right now.

* The AL West seems to be more open this year. I'm not saying that all these teams are necessarily going to be good, but there's more potential for a fight in this division this year than there was last year (when it was a joke by the All-Star Break).

* The O-Dog hits for the cycle; good for him.

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