Friday, April 17, 2009

MLB Notes (only part of today's stories)

* Gutless game by the Orioles, choking away a 7-run lead at Fenway and losing. At least we know that Boston still has their number.

* The Cubs won a pretty entertaining game at Wrigley. That's the kind of battle I expect from both the Cubs and Cards all year.

* Texas clearly still has to work on that whole we-need-pitching thing.

* Alex Gordon will miss several months, not that I think it will be integral to Kansas City's playoff chances (due to the fact that they are remote in the long term). On the other hand, Vlad Guerrero will miss a month for the Angels. Now that could cost them some important wins.

* The Marlins at 9-1? Who knew. Must be that rotation Bobby Cox praised.

* The bad news is that the Twins really don't look very good at all (despite winning today in a big comeback) . The good news is that it might not take 90 wins to take the AL Central, so it's not a big deal. Yet.

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