Saturday, April 25, 2009

Boston College in the 2009 NFL Draft

Regularly-scheduled blogging on Soaring to Glory will resume on Monday. I'll catch us all up on what we've missed.

Kevin Akins: undrafted
Ron Brace: NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS (Rd 2, Pick 40)
Chris Crane: undrafted
Robert Francois: undrafted
Ryan Purvis: undrafted
BJ Raji: GREEN BAY PACKERS (Rd 1, Pick 9)
Eric Ramsey: undrafted
Brian Toal: undrafted
Jerry Willette: undrafted

Update after Pick 232:
I'm very pleased and proud for the 2 guys we've put in the NFL, but I'm starting to lose a little hope that there will be any more. Still about 25 picks to go, so there's a chance we'll see one more Eagle get drafted.

Update after Pick 250: Not looking at all good. Only 6 picks left.

FINAL: Nope. Pretty disappointing that the first 2 guys were it. I thought for sure we'd get a third guy to sneak in during Round 7.

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